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Trabajos académicos

Regulations on the browsing and use of the information of academic papers

FINAL PROJECTS (PFC) - (Old curriculum)

Final Projects (PFC) since 2003 of the Civil Engineering School are available on CD-ROM at the Civil Engineering Library. To browse projects from previous years, in paper format, please contact the information desk.

Quick guide for finding PFCs in Polibuscador


Final Projects (TFG) of the Civil Engineering School are located in Riunet and can be accessed from both Riunet and Polibuscador:

Quick guide for accesing TFG/TFMs in Riunet

Quick guide for finding TFGs in Polibuscador


The MASTER THESIS (TFM) of the Civil Engineering School are available in Riunet since academic year 2014-15. The above can be found in CD-ROM format at the School's Library.

Quick guide for finding TFM in Polibuscador (CD ROM)

Documentation of the following masters taught by the School can be found in the Civil Engineering Library.


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