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The Agricultural Engineering and Environment Library has its own collection of print journals.

The issues of each journal can be consulted in the library or checked out on loan for a 7-day period, which can be automatically extended for up to 2 months.

Print journal subscriptions still active: Available from:
Agrícola-Vergel (1982-)
Revista agroecológica de divulgación (2017-)
Camp valencià (1994-)
La revista del árbol: revista de arboricultura (2003-)
La semana vitivinícola 2005-)
Tecnología agroalimentaria (2011-)


Scientific e-journals cited in the School of Agricultural Engineering and Environment’s course bibliography for bachelor’s degrees

E-jourmal titles: Available from:
Ecosistemas revista científica y técnica de ecología y medio ambiente (2001-)
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (1997-)
Flavour and Fragrance Journal (1996-)
Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology (2001-)
Nature Method (2001-)
Nature Reviews. Drug Discovery (2002-)
Phytochemistry Reviews (2002-)
Trends in Analytical Chemistry TrAC (1995-)

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