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Prosthesis for tendon and ligament

New biodegradable and regenerative prosthesis for tendon and ligament

Tendon 2

We have patented a new prosthesis for tendon and ligament. The prosthesis is made up by a hollow braid of biodegradable material, reproducing the mechanical features of native tendon or ligament. This braid is coated with hyaluronan in order to isolate it from the surrounding tissues, avoiding any adherence.

Inside the braid is injected a blend of biodegradable microparticles, stem cells and eventually growth factors. The objective is to promote the regeneration of tendinous or ligamentous tissue meanwhile the degradation of braid and microparticles occurs.

We have carried out cell cultures in vitro by mechanically stimulating the prosthesis, and our results reveal a proliferation and alignment of cells in the direction of the applied stimuli.

This prosthesis has been patented and several papers have been published. Actually, the next step to continue this work would be to confirm the effect of mechanical stimulation over the cell culture and to test the prosthesis with in vivo tests.

Tendon 2


Jorge Más Estellés

Tendon 2

More information:

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